Game Germ House Escape online

Game Germ House Escape

Game Germ House Escape online.

Having a country house is not bad at all, you can relax in it in nature in summer and winter, without worrying about the roof over your head. Our hero in Germ House Escape inherited his house from his aunt and was very happy, but could not get out to visit there. Once he got ready and went to inspect his inheritance. A neighbor gave him the keys and said that something was wrong in the house. At night, one can hear some chomping and slaps, as if someone is walking around the house with flippers. Opening the door, the new owner went into the room and was dumbfounded. A huge green monster, similar to a giant slug, looked directly at him. We need to get out of here as soon as possible, but as luck would have it the door stuck. Help the poor man find the key and open it before the slugs come to their senses.