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Game Sneaky James

Sneaky James

Today, the game Sneaky James we'll look at a cat James. He lives in a wonderful world of Human intelligent animals. They have, as we have built their society, they live and work, go to visit and have fun. The hero of our game also has a specialty, but it had a very unusual and is associated with a great risk, since James known thief in his own world. Behind him chasing him all the police of the world, but not once he was not able to catch the hot. Today our hero is planned to rob a famous museum and steal out the world-famous collection of precious stones, and we'll take part in this adventure. We have before us on the screen will be visible rooms and corridors of the museum. Their patrol police. You need to be careful and secretive, that would not get caught their eye. Look carefully at the screen, in the rooms there are hidden passages and what would they open them you need to pull the lever, which you will see on the screen. So carefully plan their actions and most importantly do not fall for eye protection. Game Sneaky James is quite interesting and belongs to the category puzzle games. All lovers of such toys opened Sneaky James on our website with pleasure spend their time participating in the adventures of the famous robber James.
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