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ICarly games

Heroine Online Game iCarly 13 years, but it is quite ambitious, and has organized a youth-entertainment web show "iCarly". Her friends helped Freddie and Sam, but in truth, they are more likely to cause trouble because of their endless quarrels. The popularity of the show is growing, and to bask in the glory of young celebrities, start to play for free in the toys featuring characters. Go to New York, and to have fun during the trip in a taxi, collect all the candy. Will and Action, which is also an element of the collection of products, and the restaurant must be prepared for them to land.
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Youth of the game iCarly

ICarly games online ICarly games online is very important to keep children and young people in their aspirations and help develop talent. In the future, they become self-motivated, happy and successful people. Their hobby can become a profession that brings pleasure and glory. The more successful individuals will be more harmonious society.
How to make the first steps young people from Seattle, shows invented by Dan Schneider, youth sitcom"iCarly", filmed in 2007-2012. On its basis the wonderful, fun game products, and we invite you to play the game iCarly.
You will find a motley group of friends, and the main role is played by Carly – girl 13 years old, had time to realize his talents in the leading web show iCarly. She is a real star, but nothing would be achieved without the help of loved ones. Each of the team's busy with his business, and applies responsible for their part of the work. Soon the show was extremely popular, and the company fell naturally in such cases the problem.
Friends are constantly quarreling, and Carly is looking for ways to resolve the conflicts. As it happens within a small team, told sitcom series, and we propose to know the characters better, walking up to the game story.

Join the creative team, playing games iCarly

ICarly games online First, learn about each character, his character, tastes and behavior.

  • Carly (aka Carlotta Shay) – main organizer of the youth web show named after himself. Sam and Freddie grateful for their help in organizing and conducting the work. She's pretty good time at school, hard-working and responsible, self-confident and very worried when her best friends can not find a common language. Her brother brings about a father she says he submariner.
  • Spencer Shay
  • – guardian and a 26 -year-old brother of Carly. The sculptor and artist in one person, but his sculptures are not popular and occupied the whole house. Eccentric, but do not forget to help her sister.
  • Sam (aka Samantha Puckett) – with Carly is a web show. In contrast to a friend, learning bad, totally unpredictable, often rough, a lover of strange tricks, which is why a regular guest at the principal's office. He likes to win friends, and Carly has to intervene, but her fun. She's from a dysfunctional family, and her family have a criminal record. He loves gravy and brown, because it resembles the seasoning.
  • Freddie (aka Fredward Benson) – main character 's best friend. In love with her, but she only friendly feelings for him experiencing. Freddy is constantly in conflict with Sam and Carly for willing to do anything. It shows he is the technical producer, a good student, and knows the technique.
  • Gibbi (aka Orental Cornelius Gibson) – very strange subject. He likes to bare torso because of what goes on techniques to the psychologist.


It's time to get down to business

In order to join the company, run free games iCarly. With them you will visit New York and wander its streets. This is not an idle stroll – is necessary to find the right path, to collect items will bring an extra bonus.
Help the girls Sam and Carly prepare for shooting a new web show episode during the game iCarly. They hesitated, and now need to hurry to have time to set up the equipment, including all the spotlights, clean the camera lens on the watermelon residues to make some good pictures of the leading, and when you're done, hit the – hands together.
Go to the game iCarly, and cook their favorite heroes of the land. They are usually in a hurry, so Slice stuffing and wrap it quickly. Still waiting for you comic fights, parties, throwing watermelons and more.

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