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Zelda games

Start playing free online games Zelda, and go with Ostroukhov LINK roads leading to the terrible labyrinths and dungeons to find the princess Zelzu. Save her from the hands of the treacherous Prince of Darkness Genona, and return it to the palace. For this we need to find an artifact of Wisdom, which the princess was split into 8 pieces and hidden in secret caves kingdom. I help the hero to complete the mission; solve quests and puzzles; Fight with the henchmen Genona; explore the area; Using bonus items with important artefacts and open the door for new ways of promotion.
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Legendary Zelda game

Zelda games Zelda games in 1986 Shigeru Miyamoto, along with the publisher Nintendo has developed and produced a series of games of Zelda for game consoles, and now Zelda games available for computers. They have not lost their popularity, and the players are happy to go on a journey full of dangers and adventures in which to fight and overcome the difficulties.

Barriers become more diverse during the game Zelda, and during the passage of a character opens the mazes and produces new weapons, enemies and meets a brave fight with them. He may die, and your job is to help him get out of all the troubles, to pass the mission successfully.

The history of the game Legend of Zelda

Plot of the game Legend of Zelda is set in the fictional kingdom of Hyrule, where to send its troops army mighty and terrible Prince of Darkness Genona. Formidable forces long Tyranids Kingdom, making it the chaos and ruin. The aim was to find Genona magical artifact Triforce of Power (Trifors Force) that can give its owner unlimited power and authority.
Prince managed to seize the element, but all is not lost, because the princess Zelda Hyrule there is another artifact – Triforce of Wisdom (Wisdom Trifors). To Genon not received and she smashed it on eight different elements and had buried in the secret dungeons of his kingdom. Nurse Zelda told Linke – scenario leading character of trouble, which has come into the kingdom, and turned against Zelzu enemies. Link did not hesitate, and immediately rushed to help, but to defeat the Dark Prince, it is necessary to collect the hidden components of the artifact Wisdom. Link refers to Haylian race, and looks like an elf – pointy ears, green clothing and hat. He is a specialist in the fight against evil creatures, the earth kingdom defender games Legend of Zelda from the evil. His usual weapons – magical arrows of Light and the great sword, but in the course of the story he finds and transforms into a weapon other items, including music.

The heroic exploits of the character of the game Zelda

Zelda games different genres are used to playing Zelda. It can be:

    Exciting quests
  • Golovolomki
  • Ekshen
  • Passage labirintov

Eto always an exciting adventure, which will perform feats, fight anti-heroes, capture new territories, develop and acquire weapons of different abilities. With a magic sword hero explores the space around them, and repel the attacks of monsters. For this he was awarded points and open up new opportunities, as well as life and added game currency.
Promotion in the game Legend of Zelda comes gradually. First, open a small area of ​​the map where you have to perform certain tasks. Only on completion of their character can go further, exploring new territories, finding additional weapons:

  • Derevyanny and magic bumerangi
  • Serebryanye and wooden strely
  • Luki
  • Magichesky zhezl
  • Bomby

Nahodya in the game Legend of Zelda different objects, can also greatly facilitate progress. For example, the food can make a bait for monsters or bribe them. Flute help find hiding places and defeat some bosses. The blue candle is not only light up the room in the maze, but also help find hidden artifacts, but red as opposed to disposable blue, can be used for this purpose a few times. Living Water will restore quality of life, with the help of the map of the maze to pass them much easier with stairs easier to overcome some obstacles on the raft – swim to the opposite shore, and the magic key will unlock all doors. Just imagine what an adventure in store for you!

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