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Game of Emperors

Medieval strategy with elements of tactics and economics. Game of Emperors is an excellent combination of the atmosphere of the feudal era and browser strategy. You act as the governor of the castle with your wife and newborn baby. At your court there are dukes and duchesses, and you can safely enlist their support. No one canceled mutually beneficial marriages, especially in those years. You have to develop and expand your possessions, simultaneously developing military and economic sciences. From the first, you will receive a bonus in wartime. From the second - a bonus in peacetime. Both directions complement each other. As they develop, residents will arrive in your capital, they will be useful in resource extraction and for military purposes. The larger the population, the higher taxes and greater state revenue. Game of Emperors to play interesting and addictive. T. to. the game is thought out in all aspects. As soon as you join a clan / guild, your responsibilities expand and you are already responsible not only for the well-being of your city, but also for your allies. Just like they are for you. In difficult times, support each other, both with troops and resources. So you can take a worthy place in the race for strongholds and resources on the map. Game of Emperors registration is pretty simple, just a few clicks and you can control your castle and troops. Military action deserves special mention, i.e. to. they occupy most of the game. You have to hire, train and develop an army. The larger the army, the higher your strength, namely the net points. They clearly show your level, so do not risk attacking strong players. Types of troops: infantry, spearmen, archers, cavalry, siege weapons and spies. All but spies can participate in battles and defend the fortress. Spies, in turn, are engaged in intelligence and counterintelligence. The more spies the easier it is to scout or protect information about the enemy. Game of Emperors clearly separates the types of troops, each of which is useful in different situations. For example, if you defend a fortress and place a garrison there, accordingly it is better to place archers there. From the fortress walls they will shoot any army. In the same way, siege weapons will be useful in capturing fortresses, but they are of little use in field battles. Cavalry does an excellent job with infantry and archers. Spearmen, in turn, perfectly destroy the cavalry. Combining types of troops will help you achieve victory in battles. Each type of soldier develops and improves up to level 3, at which, for example, your archers are 1st level. become armor-piercing crossbowmen 3rd level. , they are more dangerous in battle and in defense. The types of resources in Game of Emperors online are wood, iron, stone, and gold. You can get the first three, but you will receive gold from taxes. Wood and iron will be relevant when hiring an army, stone - when building defensive structures and buildings. Gold is a universal resource used in the study of sciences, pay salaries to soldiers and their subsequent recruitment. As you can see, playing Game of Emperors online is interesting and exciting. Therefore, register and embark on the path of a true feudal lord with your castle, vassals and army!
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