Game Archery Bastions: Castle War online

Game Archery Bastions: Castle War

Archery Bastions: Castle War

For some reason, everyone wants to capture the castle that you have to defend in Archery Bastions: Castle War. Before you had time to complete it, another aristocrat and the owner of the castle appeared nearby on the neighboring lands and wanted to seize your land. The owners of the castle do not have their own armies, but can recruit archers by placing them on the towers and then firing at their neighbors. The more shooters the better, but accurate shots are just as important. A cloud of arrows flying into nowhere will not cause harm. Therefore, it is up to you to aim at the target, and this is not easy when it is not visible. Shooting cannot be avoided and be prepared that several shots may not reach the target in Archery Bastions: Castle War.
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