Game Throne Kingdom at War online

Game Throne Kingdom at War

Game Throne Kingdom at War online.

It is worth the monarch to give his soul to God, especially if it happened suddenly, as the feuds and the battle for the throne begin. The brilliance of the golden crown attracts those who are worthy and completely unworthy. In the Amaric kingdom, the ruler died, not leaving behind not just the heir, he did not even think about the receiver. He ruled for many years and kept in check several lands at once, and after his death everything fell apart. Welcome to the alternative Medieval Throne Kingdom at War game. The lord of descent has every right to claim the throne. But a long road leads to the achievement of the goal, paved with corpses of enemies, as well as creative work for the benefit of all subjects. After squabbles and feuds, the kingdom is in ruin, it’s time for you to think about reviving past greatness and building a powerful and strong empire. Start building buildings and structures, raise the education of citizens to the highest level, building the Academy and conducting research in it to gain access to new opportunities. Expand and replenish the army with new soldiers: spearmen, knights, arrows, scouts, cavalry. Train them and constantly increase the combat level, do not spare money and forces. First of all, think about protecting the city, because enemies will try to attack without fail. Let the fortress become impregnable. However, there is nothing eternal and no matter how you strengthen and develop, there is always someone who is stronger. Therefore, it is time to think about joining the Union or establishing your own Order. By cooperating with your neighbors, you can fight back any enemy, no matter how strong he is. But do not completely trust everyone. It is necessary to think strategically, considering the consequences of your steps, do not commit rash actions. The personification of the user in the game will be the Hero. He is the chief commander of the Lord and his closest associate. Do not let your boss down, improve continuously, gaining new skills, powerful weapons. Leading the army on campaigns, the Hero strengthens it and significantly increases the chances of victory. Gradually, you will become strong and almost invincible, but this will not happen soon. But remember that among the closest friends there may be enemy spies or apostates who sold for a penny. Always be on the lookout, don't let yourself and the army be taken by surprise. Justify the Lord’s hopes and help him conquer the throne that he craves. Game features
• Great graphics. All the details are clearly visible, the colors are saturated, and the color gradations help to distinguish between other people's units and the earth. • Harmonious sound design with relevant special effects. • The toy is presented in all leading languages, among which Russian is present. • Along with a free opportunity to develop gameplay, paid content is provided. It helps you to pass some steps faster and move more efficiently towards your cherished goal. For those who prefer to overcome difficulties on their own, the settings include the function of blocking random purchases. • Participants can create their own Orders or join existing ones. • You have to complete tasks, participate in quests and battles with other players. What to do
Although the game was created for mobile devices, you can also download Throne Kingdom at War to your computer. Both options have their positive aspects. Playing on the computer, you will see what is happening on the battlefield in all its glory and detail. But playing on a tablet or phone, the toy will always be with you, allowing you to take part in the next trip at any moment. During the events, new opportunities open up in all directions:
• Hero leveling
• Building
• Development of territories
• Mining and production of goods
• Military skill
• Expansion of their land
The game Throne Kingdom at War offers to assemble and arm an army consisting of well-aimed shooters, assertive siege troops, brave spearmen, selfless knights and observant scouts. Each kind of army needs appropriate uniforms, but it must be periodically improved to increase the chances of victory. This process has a whole chain of actions from the extraction of resources, the construction of buildings and the production of various items. The more you delve into the events, the more innovations the Throne Kingdom at War game brings. Soon, one cannot cope with the attacks of enemies on their own. At a certain point, one cannot do without the support of the allies, and therefore enter into alliances, and together take the battle. Players have the opportunity to participate in the battles of PvP and PvE, which will have a beneficial effect on the experience. In times of truce, train soldiers, keeping them in good shape every minute. The research carried out by scientists attracted to the city by the good glory of its ruler will also help to become stronger. Build an Academy for them, and they will invent useful devices, potions, materials and technologies. With their help, you will reach new heights in economics and military skill, making the game Tron Kingdom at Var more interesting. In addition, updates are periodically released to it, adding new plot lines.