Game Little Shop Of Treasures online

Game Little Shop Of Treasures

Game Little Shop Of Treasures online.

Today we bring you the game Little Shop Of Treasures which belongs to the category of puzzle games. The protagonist of this game a young aspiring magician Jack. He studies in the academy of magic and tries as much as possible to absorb the material that would be a cool wizard and help people. As then they were asked to perform a task which our hero will need a variety of items that are sold in the magic shop. Taking the money bag and our hero went there. We are to join him. But the choice in the shop is very large so we need to make purchases according to the list. This list will be visible at the bottom of the screen at us. Now our task is to carefully study the interior, and to find the needed items. By clicking on them, we will send to him in a bag. Remember that with each level the number of items that we need to find will increase so be extremely careful and collected. Game Little Shop Of Treasures has beautiful graphics, and pretty well thought out storyline that will grab the attention of players of all ages. All this together so you implies that you will spend many hours with this exciting game.