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Game Sea Bubble Shooter

Sea Bubble Shooter

Before us is a new exciting game Sea Bubble Shooter from one of the leading companies to develop games for all modern devices. Today we will dive into the depths of the sea where the fairy people live. Among them special respect enjoyed sea hunters able to prey on a variety of fish, they are all characterized by excellent accuracy and agility. Set in their ranks it is done by the qualifying rounds on the accuracy and speed of navigation. Today we will take part in it. Before us is the playing field in the center of which is the star - that's our goal. It will be surrounded by balls of different colors. We are from the bottom of the screen will shoot the same balls having its own color. Our task carefully considered and calculated the trajectory of the balls to shoot, so that would build them in a series of three, then they will disappear and we will give points for it. In this way, destroying the obstacles we reach our main target and destroy it. The winner is the one who attains the most points. When calculating them take into account not only the number of balls destroyed, but the passage of time. So be careful and become worthy of the title of the best shooter and hunter of the sea people. Game Sea Bubble Shooter is an interesting story, vivid graphics and excellent musical accompaniment. We believe that playing it on our website you will forget about boredom and spend the game Sea Bubble Shooter many interesting hours. Have a good game!
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