Game City Heroes online

Game City Heroes

Game City Heroes online.

We've learned that robots obey human commands, they are programmed to perform various tasks and are not able to do something on my own. The game City Heroes character will have to face a completely different robots. They - aliens and their task - to grab your peace at any price. The robot is more dangerous than the ordinary soldier, he did not hesitate to attack comes, without thinking the consequences, it is impossible to persuade or scare, he does not know fear or doubt, any human feelings alien to him. Imagine what such an army of robotic fighters are now moving in the direction of your fortifications, and on them rises only protector, which is to reflect the wave of attacks. Help the hero does not hurt you and it represent, if start to play the game City Heroes. Aim defender shots in the direction of the approaching alien enemies. Try to destroy in the first place those who are bigger, so they do not have time to destroy the earthen wall that protects the city from the alleged invasions. After a successful reflection attacks, you can look into the store to spend a trophy money. Reinforce fighting skills brave defender, provide it a powerful weapon, he'll need it, because the enemy, seeing that the attacks do not give proper result, will strengthen the army, in giving her more powerful impenetrable robots which will be harder to handle. Play with City Heroes and become a hero, if you manage to win and to defend its position, you will become a national hero, a legend about you lay down and put the statues, and the boys want to be like you. The game will appeal to fans to shoot, but mindless shooting here will not pass, you will need an elementary strategy in the selection of updates and improvements of skills, the enemy is not only strong, but also cunning. Robots manage highly intelligent alien beings who know what they want and try to achieve their goal, despite the loss.