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Valiant Knight

Ancient castles are always stored in the walls of secrets and mysteries. Everyone who lives at the palace perimeter, confident that the walls of the castle of wealth lying on the floor. Therefore, so many dangers may await the royal family outside the palace. Young and norovlivaya princess disobeyed her father - the king and sneaking out of the castle, to feel the spirit of freedom. But not for long she had to wander alone. Just a few minutes the robbers know her daughter to the king, and immediately decided to get a ransom for princess. They seized the girl and held in prison. And the king received a letter, according to which he should bring them a bag of gold coins. Poor father grabbed his head and promised to half the kingdom, and the daughter of the bride to the one who will free her. In the game you will see ValiantKnight brave knight in armor, who is not afraid of danger and ready to serve his king. So he goes to a mysterious cave to get gold and save the princess from captivity. In such an important mission, you need to help the hero, save him from the traps. Among them, the most dangerous are the thorns that seemed to have arisen out of the blue in the floor, or streaming fire. This dangerous hot lava disappears for a couple of seconds for which you need to spend our knight along the corridor. To rescue the girl soon, not missing a single coin, collecting them from the top, because the knight can not fly, so if you move it down, then rise above it no longer can. In each of the mysterious room where the knight falls, there is a door to which it will move. Only three lives, he may lose, but the third will be very fatal for him. So do not throw away the health of our daredevil. Only accuracy and foresight leave him alive in this treacherous castle. Royal Gold is worth it to take care of security. Play Valiant knight easy to operate, it only goes left or right, but also to give it a mono acceleration if you are confident in what he does. Not so easy to serve the royal family, but our knight himself took such a decision, and we can only be proud of them and assist in the passage of each level. After all, he knows what it is worth fighting for. princess's hand in the game Valiant knight stands to put on his armor in the hunt for gold. Some coins are hiding in barrels, but the sharp blade in his hand knight turn it into splinters.
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