Game Mahjong Towers 2 online

Game Mahjong Towers 2

Mahjong Towers 2

You are challenged by a new version of the classic mahjong in the game Mahjong Towers 2 online. In front of you is a tall tower made of mahjong tiles, the pyramids are lined with bamboo rugs and due to this the tower is very stable and stands firmly. It will not be easy for you to cope with it, there is a real battle ahead and do not expect mercy. The battle will not last long while the scale at the bottom of the screen is moving. Have time to dismantle the maximum of layers within the allotted time limit, the number of points received depends on it. Dismantling consists in removing identical pairs of tiles. Take stones located at the edges of the pyramid or those that have at least two sides not blocked. The fact that the time for the game is limited will not let you relax and will force you to mobilize all your strength, focus on finding tiles with the same images. Please note that details with floral ornaments can be combined as you like. Play Mahjong Towers 2 play and enjoy the original version to the fullest.
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