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Game Puppet Rescue

Puppet Rescue

Every child in the children's room can be seen plaster or porcelain toy in the form of an animal. Ney did not play, so as not to break up, it just stands and saves money. Many children love to collect coins to buy wholesale desired toy. Piggy may be a cat, a pig or other animal. The Puppet Rescue game the kid was just such a piggy bank in the form of a pink pig. One day she was kidnapped, and while carrying, scattered all the gold coins. The kid is very upset when you do not notice the house her favorite, because he plans to buy the best toy. Therefore, other dolls in the room decide to save his friend pig. They go in search of him, and will collect coins along the way. Wink all his skill and ability to manage a balloon in the game Toy Rescue. As many as two characters appear in the game, who are willing to chip in to rescue a piggy bank. Choose one of them to use it to spend time among the clouds, collecting coins and other bonuses. This transportation is very naughty, he does not like to clash with clouds and other obstacles that may suddenly appear in the sky. In order not to lose one of three lives for our hero, you'd better be careful and carefully go through all the obstacles protecting the balloon. Among the nice bonuses in the game Toys-rescuers can find temporary protection from all dangers. She clothe his ball in a film that is not afraid of anything. With the help of hearts you can buy for your ball patch or a first aid kit, which will save from falling. If you can get past the first mission, will open two more, it's completely different versions of the game.
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