Game World Cup Penalty online

Game World Cup Penalty

World Cup Penalty

Today we want to introduce you to the game World Cup Penalty, which is designed for players who love this sport like football. Many people around the world are fans of this sport. And everyone probably dreamed to be in place well-known players and take part in the World Cup. Thanks to the game World Cup Penalty you will have such an opportunity and you will take part in the world championship. First, you need to select the team for which you will play as soon as you do it will be the tournament grid and you will see against whom you'll play. The meaning of the championship is simple, you will play the victory by penalty shoot-outs. Come out to the field and hit the goal. To do this you have the bottom three panels with darting balls. The first is responsible for the direction of impact, the second and the third well, height of power. If you set all the right breaks through on goal and score a goal. After that, you have to protect the gate. Carefully look at the screen when you see flashed point in the wings of the gate, just click during the place and then your goalkeeper will block the kick. Wins the one who scores the most penalties. If you lose a match who flew out of the tournament grid. So hammer and tear to victory and the World Cup will belong to you. Game World Cup Penalty is well thought-out scenario, bright colorful graphics and just awesome music. All this together creates a unique atmosphere of the sporting event is likely to appeal to all players. And the fact that the game World Cup Penalty written using HTML5 technology will enable you to play it like on desktops and on touch devices. Also, you can invite to play in the game and your friends to find out who among you is the best footballer in the world. Go ahead and win!
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