Game Iphone 6 Repair online

Game Iphone 6 Repair

Game Iphone 6 Repair online.

Progress does not stand still and just recently released a new iPhone 6, which immediately attracted the attention of a large number of people are willing to buy it at any price. You are also lucky enough to buy it, but almost immediately he fell on your floor and crashed. Repair it will be very expensive, so it is worth trying to repair it on their own. Expanding on the table the necessary set of tools and putting in front of a broken phone, you can start to fix. First you have to scrub all the dirt, using a soft cloth. Then gently podden shield and remove it. You open the inside of the phone, you also need to disconnect. To do this, you will come to the aid of a screwdriver, with which you have to unscrew the 4 screws. Having done so, carefully remove the broken screen and disconnect terminals with a pair of tweezers in 6 Repair Iphone game. By doing this, you can replace the screen on the new, carefully putting it back into place. Now you have to do all the procedures, and the reverse. Insert and tighten the 4 screws back and put the protective screen to the phone. After that, it once again to scrub off dirt and can be checked for serviceability. I hope you did everything exactly according to instructions, and you managed to repair the phone.