Game Mahjong Digital online

Game Mahjong Digital

Game Mahjong Digital online.

Mahjong does not happen a lot, and another new puzzle game sure to please fans of logical thinking. We invite you to play Mahjong Digital, where you will find the original mahjong. Digital technologies are replacing analog and rapidly come into our lives, changing it, making both harder and easier. Digital circuits transmit signals without distortion, it became easier to store information. There are new devices, and it is not surprising that even the good old mahjong is going digital. Instead of the traditional characters on the tiles, you will find digital signs and drawings, but the rules remain the same. In Mahjong Digital game you need to clear the field completely from square elements, removing the two identical, adjacent, or in such a way that there are no foreign objects between them. Click on a pair of squares that you join their line at right angles, and if the path line are other tiles, remove will not work. Enjoy a game of Mahjong Digital and note that the top of the horizontal bar has a range of green stripes. If they lose their color, the game time is over, and the result of your locks. Better results, playing over and over again, the last record will be saved. Play on tablets or smartphones, relax and at the same time Train your brain, it's bad for inaction.