Game Falling Candy online

Game Falling Candy

Game Falling Candy online.

Not all evil and insidious witch, the game Falling Candy you get into a fairy-tale village where live kind and cheerful people, and there is a small neat house on the outskirts. In it lives a young witch, and no it is not afraid, on the contrary all her love and appreciate her magical abilities. It treats patients with their drugs with herbs and magic has been extremely rare, only in special cases where it is very good to ask. Recently, the villagers asked the witch in honor of the upcoming holiday to create a spell that please children colored candy. Witch cooked some sweets, sat on the broom, took a basket of sweets and flew over the village, throwing candy down. Shopping was bottomless, blue, yellow, green and striped candy of different shapes from the sky will hear and endless sweet rain, and you have to catch them and put them in the game Falling Candy so that all fit. Play by the rules of Tetris, turning falling columns of three chocolates and laid with the arrow keys or painted on the left of the screen. It is necessary to build three or more of the same candy in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally to make them disappear and make room for the next batch of falling candy. Game Falling Candy colorful and very pleasant to children, and not only for children. Puzzle Tetris type fun and exciting, they are hard to break away. Take twenty-five levels and dial the maximum points, to send the result in the standings to compare with other players. If you want to improve performance, play more on their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.