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Traffic Controller

At the moment, a lot of cars in the world today. People have created some rules of the road for cars and all drivers must comply with them. After all, if they do not do this there will be a lot of dangerous situations and someone could get hurt. Also, there are people who are responsible for the regulation of traffic on the dangerous road sections and intersections. Today, the game Traffic Controller we will introduce to you a man Jeff. He works in the service which deals with regulation of movement. Today, he was sent to one of the most difficult sections of the road that he followed the order there. We are certainly going to help him in this. crossroad on which there is intense movement of vehicles will be visible on the screen before us. Your job is to make sure that they have not encountered. Doing this is quite simple. Once you lead a dangerous situation you need to choose a car that has to miss another simply click on it and it will stop. What would he have continued to move again, click on it. So alternating sequence of these steps, you will regulate the movement of the intersection. Security will depend on your attention and speed of decision making. Game Traffic Controller quite interesting. Her goal is to help you learn the basics of traffic rules. After all, this knowledge can be useful to you in your daily life. Open Traffic Controller on our website and try your hand as a manager, which regulates movement.
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