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Game Jungle Connect

Jungle Connect

Today we present to you a new puzzle game Jungle Connect. In it we will introduce you to a young scientist Brad. He travels a lot and is mainly engaged in the study of the tribes living in the jungles of South America. As in one of his travels, he got into an interesting tribe and saw their game so reminiscent of mahjong. After watching how the natives play it, too, he decided to try his hand at this game. So, we will see the dice with marked on them pictures. They stacked in piles. That is, some other items located below. We need to take away these things, and to do so would play space has been completely cleared. This is done using a simple sequence of actions. We need to find two objects with the same images and select them by clicking finger across the screen. If you did everything right the items disappear from the screen and will give us points. The level will be held only when you completely will remove all the items at the same time laid in a strictly allotted time, you. Game Jungle Connect is very interesting and can play it as girls and boys. Just open the Jungle Connect on our website and try to pass this puzzle game.
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