Game Super Sandy World online

Game Super Sandy World

Game Super Sandy World online.

Game worlds are very similar to each other. Almost everyone has visited the Mushroom Kingdom or the world where the plumber Mario lives. It turns out his world is not the only one. In Super Sandy World you will visit the places where our handsome Sandy lives and this is his world, which is very similar to the world of Mario. Even the tasks of the heroes are the same - they both save the princess. Our hero sets off on a long journey to free the beauty of the royal family. It was stolen by a local villain who is always doing various dirty tricks. But the matter has not yet reached the point of kidnapping, but now he has crossed the line and the hero intends to punish him. But first you need to get to the villainous den. On the way there will be not only natural obstacles, but also vicious hedgehogs, as well as no less dangerous snails. Collect coins and break stone blocks, useful bonuses can be hidden in them.