Game Blockapolypse: Zombie Shooter online

Game Blockapolypse: Zombie Shooter

Blockapolypse: Zombie Shooter

It's been a while since you've been to the block world, and there's a real apocalypse there, or rather, Blockapolypse: Zombie Shooter. Zombies are everywhere and there are only more of them. The block's special forces do not have time to destroy the infected and your help could not be more helpful. Take a position in one of the dilapidated buildings. There are two doors in the room where you are, and zombies will appear from either of them, and then zombies will appear from both. First in twos, then in whole groups, trying to grab you at any cost. Fresh meat attracts them. Watch the doorways and as soon as the zombies appear, shoot by pressing the spacebar or the drawn buttons in the lower right corner of Blockapolypse: Zombie Shooter.
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