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Game Age of War

Age of War

Age of War 1 online is a military strategy set in five different eras. It all starts with primitive people, when only slingshots and clubs were weapons, then you will move on to the Middle Ages, modern times, the latest and the future. In each of the eras, the equipment and level of the fighters will correspond to their time. Your opponent will send troops to you, and your task is to gather your army strong enough to defeat and destroy the enemy base. The army requires money, but at the same time, for each enemy killed, you will receive a reward. Watch the balance, think over every step you take in advance. The final outcome of the war depends on how accurately you evaluate the enemy and calculate your actions. The more effectively you conduct a campaign, the more bonuses you will receive, and for them you can purchase special abilities and improved weapons. The game is an excellent illustration of the development of martial arts throughout the existence of man, so it allows you to spend time in Age of War 1 play not only interesting, but also informative.
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