Game Stormfall online

Game Stormfall

Game Stormfall online.

Stormfall War multiplayer online browser strategy game that takes players to the virtual world Darkshayn. Once upon a time it was ruled by seven great kings, they were wise and reasonable, under them develop science and technology, culture and the economy, the state flourished. But there was a misfortune, they were lost in a single day. Ever since the land was plunged into darkness, the local nobility beginning irreconcilable war for the possession of the throne Shtormfolla. Starting in the War of Thrones play players will get a small village with a reasonable direction it will grow into a great kingdom, and the lord of the land will be able to become one of the pretenders to the throne, but he was up to the task can not cope without a strong army, so you have to develop a parallel economy, defense and offensive troops. iPlayer Thrones War strategy, in which every detail is important - properly and in time built resource facilities provide financial income and sustenance of the army, will open opportunities for exploration and discovery. With mind staffed army able to repel the enemy army, superior in numbers, as each type of unit has special characteristics, and different are fighting with the enemy troops. Play the game War of Thrones may be engaging in fights with opponents controlled by artificial intelligence and fighting with their neighbors, they are real players sitting in front of computer monitors. Create powerful state can go in different ways, they are building, others robbed, and some trade. For networking, you can use diplomatic missions or enter into alliances. In order to compete for the throne and become the ruler of the land in the game War of Thrones registration is mandatory. Pass it simply, you need to fill out a form by typing in the appropriate field name, email address and password, or by clicking on the button with a picture of one of the social networks. After creating an account, you can enter the game from any device connected to the Internet without losing previously achieved results. Stormfall waiting for their heroes in this world to become a legend and master, whose opinion will be listened to without exception vassals each player can, just need to be wise to rule his people and be merciless to enemies attacking deliberation consequences, and defend to the bitter outcome.