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Game Harry Down

Harry Down

In the game Harry Down you have to help one character to escape certain death, which he pushed the developers of this online application built on the HTML5 platform. Starting to play the game Descent Harry, you immediately have to begin to act, namely to make the descent, using all sorts of platforms. Some of them will be stationary, and some to move from side to side. On some platforms you can stand safely, and others sites will begin to break down immediately as soon as you get up to them. And be very careful with the platforms, is a small conveyor belt, because it can throw you down. You have to play for a long time, until finally our hero Harry Down game will not appear at the bottom. To move it you will have to use the arrows on your keyboard to go down. And you need to do it very carefully, each time landing on another platform. From this it follows immediately fall even lower, and lower. If gape, then either fall down or be destroyed huge gears that you will always catch up on. Your hero is able to momentarily speed up that will allow him to quickly move from one platform to another, it is necessary to use the spacebar at the right time. This should be done very carefully so that after the next acceleration of our Harry did not fall down, which will cause start playing from the beginning. Try to put the record for the maximum slope. It will not be easy, because you have to gradually go down faster and faster in order to escape death from the gears, catches up with you.
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