Game Fruits Shooting Deluxe online

Game Fruits Shooting Deluxe

Game Fruits Shooting Deluxe online.

The monkey babies in the morning, as usual, went to refresh themselves with tropical fruits and found that the palms grew unexpectedly during the night, and the fruits were at an unattainable height. Monkeys were sad, and then they found an old pirate cannon in dense jungle and decided to shoot down the fruits with shots. But babies do not know how to use the gun, besides, when shooting a cannon, a strong recoil, which can harm monkeys. Help the starving animals in the game Fruits Shooting Deluxe. You can easily cope with the cast iron cannon, just aim your sight and calculate the strength of the shot. Remember that each shell costs money, and you only have two hundred coins. Beat first fruit with a dollar sign and shining fruit.