Game Wooden House Escape online

Game Wooden House Escape

Game Wooden House Escape online.

Different houses are being built in the villages, but there are also wooden houses among them, they are warm, cozy and reliable. The hero of the game Wooden House Escape decided to buy a house outside the city and chose a small cozy log house that was selling for a reasonable price. After a little bargaining, he paid the required amount and the deal took place. He intended to spend the next weekend in a new house to look around, and then he could invite friends to a housewarming party. He arrived in the morning and went into the house, everything seemed solid, clean and pleasing to the eye. Then he wanted to inspect the site, but for some reason the door did not open. Apparently the lock has clicked and now it needs to be opened with a key. Calling the previous owner, he found out that there was a spare key in the house, he just needed to find it.