Game Bus Driver Simulator online

Game Bus Driver Simulator

Game Bus Driver Simulator online.

Many people use public transport every day. Today in the Bus Driver Simulator game we want to invite you to work as a city bus driver. At the beginning of the game, you will have to visit the garage and choose your bus from the list provided. After that, you sit behind the wheel and go out into the city streets. You will need to travel along a specific route and carry a lot of passengers. There will be a special directional arrow above the bus. It is she who will show you which route you will have to move. You will need to overtake various types of vehicles moving along the road and prevent the bus from getting into accidents. Having approached the stop, you will have to board the passengers and then, having set off again, go along the route. Each passenger you carry will pay your fare. Having accumulated a certain amount of money, you can buy yourself a new bus.