Game Toy Defense online

Game Toy Defense

Game Toy Defense online.

Boys like to play voynushki, but not all have a sufficient set of toy troops and equipment to reproduce the epic battle on the floor or on a table in the nursery. But the virtual space provides a real opportunity to freely play in the war, and not limit you in the range of military toys. We invite you to the game Toy Defense and give carte blanche to the military operations. You have to provide an impenetrable defense military base and command center, where is the headquarters of the operations manual. Below you will find a horizontal bar techniques and soldiers, and in the upper left corner you will see a tool that you have at the moment and can be spent on the purchase of new units to provide an effective defense. Playing in Toy Defense, you have to develop its own defense strategy, which will not allow the enemy troops and equipment, and pass half the intended path. It all depends on a reasonable balance of firing guns and their timely improvement, and repair if damaged. After the recognition of another wave of attacks, you go in and get voentorg updates and improvements, upgrades are necessary to make the weapon more powerful, more efficient, because the enemy is constantly being upgraded weapons and their attacks only intensified constantly testing your strength. Strategy games are always popular, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the game Toy Defense. You will be able to demonstrate the quality of the military commander, a wise strategy and tactics and to feel responsible for the actions of a whole army, even if it is - a toy. The good news is that the game, previously played only on desktops and laptops, is now successfully migrated to mobile devices, and you, with your smartphone or tablet, it's easy to open the toy in any convenient for you browser and enjoy the game. A clear Gorgeous graphics, drawing small parts as close as possible to reality, coupled with the mobility will be a boon for gamers.