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Game Bloodrun


Before us Bloodrun game from a company famous for its development of sensory games. This game has an interesting script. Have you ever imagined yourself as a zombie body, felt this terrible hunger for living flesh? Today you had the chance. The body of a young man you get to the hospital after a serious car accident. One of the doctors in secret from his colleagues conducted experiments with the genes. And seeing that you are on the verge of death, he decided to make for you a test he developed the drug. With good purpose he has stuck it to you in the hope of cure. But something went wrong, and your character is dead turned into the living dead - zombies, possessing the rudiments of reason. Now you have to escape from the hospital across town to survive. Getting out of the hospital, you will run through the streets of the city, but since you're a zombie you need to eat. Residents fear will run away from you, but your character can catch them and eat. Movement is controlled with the help of arrows,"forward, backward, right, left"on a computer keyboard, or the movement of a finger on the touch screen. Having caught his victim, press the spacebar to attack and eating. For every man of peace will give you game points and bonuses to life and speed. But remember that the guards also did not sleep. The police will pursue our hero, shoot and throw bombs. Try not to fall under the fire, as though you are a zombie, but even in the dead there is a line after which they die. With each mileage level it will be harder and harder. Bloodrun game will be enjoyed by all who love horror movies and thrillers. Interesting gameplay accompanied by stylish music will not leave anyone out of a mystical genre fans. Download the application to their phone, tablet or computer and enjoy the game. It is possible to play directly on the Internet online. To do this, go to the registration or use of the social networking account. All of your progress and achievements Bloodrun game will be visible to everyone. And who knows maybe you will become one of the strongest players and enter in the top ten best. By ourselves, we can only wish a pleasant game and pastime.
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