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Game Crazy Match 3

Crazy Match 3

The game Crazy Match 3 we have prepared for you a place, replete with precious stones. Take advantage of this opportunity to collect gems, they beg you in my arms. But get ready for rapid production, the field is opened only for thirty seconds and no more. During this short period you have to score maximum points and stones. The principle of the collection is simple: connect the same color square crystal lines horizontally, vertically and diagonally. When connecting blocks turn into bombs of the same color as the items you want to pick up. Embrace glance Field location colored sparkling blocks and quickly find the combination, procrastination - a loss of precious time and opportunities to improve the result. The latter is the highest number of points that you earn will be recorded, so that you always have a chance to beat him. Game Crazy Match 3 - is a continuation of the previous two games in which you are sure to have played. For fans of the genre three in a row - it's a real feast, and rejoice especially those who love the dynamic development of events, but not boring endless shifting. At any time you can go to the game, your score will remain, and you would always improve, believe such events greatly increase self-esteem and mood. The game Crazy Match 3 you can play on any devaysakh: plates smatrfonah, mobile phones, and that's not counting the usual desktop computers and, of course, do not forget about laptops. Take a game on the road, even for a visit, where you and your friends will be able to arrange a competition: who will score more points. The toy is not boring, but it attracts a beautiful bright graphics pleasing to the eye and warm the soul shining stones. Proceed with the mouse or a finger on the touch screen and you will not notice how after a few sessions, conducted with the game, you will become more alert, focused, learn to quickly identify important among secondary mass. Computer games - it's not a worthless pastime, but a very useful thing, developing your natural abilities.
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