Game Airport Rush online

Game Airport Rush

Airport Rush

Before us is a new exciting game Airport Rush in which we are going to manage the airport. Imagine how much is hard work, because the aircraft are the common people for flights between cities and countries and companies carrying various loads. All movements in the air, landing, diversion of aircraft in the hangar, permission to take off the main controller controls the airport. Today you have the unique opportunity thanks Airport Rush game to become such an important person. You will supervise all of its airport control tower. Now it depends on you how planes will sit down and take off, remember that your job is to prevent the crash, and not to delay flights. With each mileage level you will do it more and more difficult. After all, you're going to increase and change airports. Which will be more and also increase the flow of aircraft. Game Airport Rush has quite an interesting story, beautifully drawn graphics about and written in HTML5 platform. All this creates an atmosphere of real life airport and we look forward to your taste. So safely install the game Airport Rush to him on his favorite apparatus and immerse yourself in the world of flight. If you want to just play it from our site online. We hope Airport Rush game will help you to use to brighten up your leisure time.
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