Game Crevice Animal online

Game Crevice Animal

Game Crevice Animal online.

Today we bring you a game Crevice Animal. In it, we introduce ourselves to you with a fox Brad and his friends. These cute creatures live in a fantasy world where all animals are endowed with reason and behave like ordinary people. Our hero and his friends quite restless and constantly running around and explore the area near the villages in which they live. How is our fox once again running through the woods near the mountain range fell through the ground and fell into a dangerous maze. When he was little he had heard horror stories from his grandfather about how many dangers it contains. Let's you and I will help him in this adventure. Our task manage running and jumping of our hero. He needs to run fast, with all four of its paws. Indeed, over time the ceiling is lowered. And you need to quickly and fly all the way, or stop in a place where he lost from the ceiling will not get to our hero. So be careful and make a decision quickly, because it affects the life of our fox
Game Crevice Animal has a pretty interesting story, and players of all ages with pleasure spend time helping the fox hero in his adventures. So just open Crevice Animal
on our site online and dive into a rapid run down a dangerous maze.