Game Fly Witch online

Game Fly Witch

Fly Witch

If you have the ability to travel by air. This does not mean that you can fly anywhere. The sky also has its own routes and you can easily collide with another flying object if you are not flying in your own air corridor. In the game Fly Witch you will meet a young witch, she recently turned a hundred years old, and by the standards of witches she has just come of age. For several months now, the witch has been regularly flying to special witch classes, and today she has to pass tests and pass an exam for a full-fledged witch. The heroine sat on a broomstick and rushed off in the usual way, but suddenly obstacles from wooden boxes arose in front of her. It is likely that the tests have already begun and the witch will have to demonstrate her ability to control a broom, flying between the boxes in Fly Witch.
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