Game Deepest Sword online

Game Deepest Sword

Game Deepest Sword online.

An evil dragon has awakened in a deep underground cave. He slept for a thousand years and everyone hoped that it would continue like this, but that was not the case. The huge monster opened its eyes and began to stir. From this, the earth was shaking and it was decided to send the bravest knight to deal with the villain in the Deepest Sword. But first, the hero needs to visit the sorcerer, perhaps he will advise how to defeat the dragon. The magician really gave advice, but the hero did not like him too much, but there is nowhere to go. It turns out that the knight will have to die several times, and during this time his sword will begin to increase in length and when it reaches the desired size, the hero will be able to kill the dragon in the Deepest Sword.