Game Let me grow online

Game Let me grow

Game Let me grow online.

Today, Let me grow the game we will transfer you to the fabulous world which is inhabited by intelligent flowers. They are very fond of the sun and grow in different places delighting the eyes of ordinary people. But there was trouble. A dark sorcerer didst send a drought on the country where they live flowers. A lot of pond water and lost our heroes began to fade. Let's you and I will help them to survive and to be fed with ground water where they live. We have before us on the screen will be visible flowers that grow in different places. As we will see a pond filled with water. We need to bring water to the flowers. Make it pretty simple. There are cells that will be highlighted. By clicking on them you will see how they disappear and form a passage so removing the cells we will connect with each other territory and to fill them with a wave. If we do not have such a course, we can make use of a crane. Once we have him tap water to change its location, because powerful pump will drain the place where she was, and it will take us to the right place. With each level the task will become more complicated, and only on you and your care depends on whether the flowers will survive. Game Let me grow quite interesting and develops players attentiveness and logical thinking. Open Let me grow on our website and play on any of your device. Have a nice day and a nice game!