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In our world, strides evolving space industry. All countries of the world are launching into space the various stations and rocket with astronauts. We are going through hard space exploration because who knows what secrets are hidden in its depths. Maybe somewhere, too, there is life and there are other extraterrestrial civilizations. Today Go Rockets game we'll get acquainted with the team of astronauts are sent to the newest missiles that far into space to explore one of the planets. We are going to help them in flight. But the caveat is that you control the flight of two missiles. To do this at the beginning of the game you are away; assistance that will show you which way you do it. Remember this sequence of actions and go flying. On your way will encounter various dangers in the form of asteroids that fly you to the meeting. You need to maneuver and go to the line of collision with stones or else the rocket will be damaged and explode, and all who are on board die. The further you fly into the depths of space the harder you will do it. But we are confident that you can handle and would bring both the rocket until the end of their journey. Go Rockets game is quite interesting and it can even play together. We are confident that opening the Go Rockets on our website you perfectly spend their leisure hours.
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