Game Caveman Jumper online

Game Caveman Jumper

Game Caveman Jumper online.

Today in the game Caveman Jumper, we will be transported with you to the distant Stone Age. At that time our civilization was just beginning its development. The first people on earth lived in caves and traded in hunting and fishing to get their own food / But for this they needed to be excellent rangers and have certain skills. For example, a good reaction speed and agility. Today in the game Caveman Jumper we will help one of the cavemen to practice and develop these skills. Before us on the screen you will see a certain location in which our hero is located. Clicking on the screen will cause our hero to jump. When jumping, collect items that will fall from above. But be careful. On the sides there will be different spines and other traps. You do not need to get into them, or our hero will simply perish. Therefore, plan your actions quickly in order to avoid dangers. The game Caveman Jumper is quite fascinating and interesting. Having opened Caveman Jumper on our site you can not only spend your leisure hours well, but also develop a speed of reaction and attentiveness.