Game Bubble Raiders The Sun Temple online

Game Bubble Raiders The Sun Temple

Game Bubble Raiders The Sun Temple online.

A couple of researchers is sent to the distant journey in the game Bubble Raiders The Sun Temple. Young archaeologists have long delved into the archives and found a tattered old map, which indicated the location of the Sun Temple. The guy and the girl quickly gathered backpacks, throwing them all that is necessary, and set off. The road was far-away friends found the temple, but to enter into it do not. All approaches to the temple are covered with traps and locks puzzling. To open them, you need to look for a few important keys gold amulets. These items are very valuable and immured among enchanted stones. Those who hid them, did not want to be found, so you'll have to work hard. To disassemble the rubble, have to shoot. Collect groups of three or more identical stones and they fall down down and you gradually get to the coveted artifact. Game Bubble Raiders The Sun Temple - This online puzzle game in the genre of three in a row. This genre is always popular with the players, but our game is not only colorful graphics and a fascinating story, which is what sets the game among the others like her. Do not you just shoot the balls, and free up valuable items and solving puzzles. Due to html5 language in which was written the game Bubble Raiders The Sun Temple, you can open it at your favorite browser on a computer device, including a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet.