Game Marshmallow Dash online

Game Marshmallow Dash

Game Marshmallow Dash online.

Today we want to introduce you to a new game Marshmallow Dash designed for touch devices. In it we will get you in the country where they live sweets amazing and lovely creatures - candy and zefirinki. The main hero of this game is Bobby marshmallows. He is a very kind and cheerful and has a lot of friends. As he decided to go on a visit to his friend Ted candy. But that would not have to go the long way through the mountains, he decided to cut way through the magical forest, which does not have a lot of notoriety. Our hero did not realize the error and the obstacles that await him along the way, so let's help him in his journey. Our hero will run as fast, and in his way will be obstacles that he must jump with overclocking. Remember that if it encounters an obstacle the break and die. So count correctly trajectory of the jump our protagonist. Management actions of the character by using the mouse or by using finger click on the screen of the touch screen. Game Marshmallow Dash has an interesting storyline, excellent graphics and sound. Once you start to play it, it is so addicted adventures of our hero, that you can not put it in a second. Open Marshmallow Dash on our website and experience the world of the amazing adventures of Bob zefirki.